Vocal Empowerment Tips For Your Confident Self-Expression

Elevate Your Daily Routine & Strengthen Your Voice - Daily Planner Page (Free Printable)

Sunday, June 16, 2024 by Alyssa Martin | Mindset, Freebie

Need a process to help shift to a more confident mindset? Spend 20 minutes a day or less with this "Empower Your Voice" daily planner page to cultivate positivity, productivity, and confidence. Through simple exercises like setting intentions, affirmations, breathing, mirror work, and gratitude, you can make a shift in a positive direction. Track your mood, weather, water intake, chosen theme song, and physical activity to stay on course. Elevate your daily routine and strengthen your voice. Start each day with purpose and watch as your inner strength grows.

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Embrace the Lesson to Grow Your Voice

Friday, May 31, 2024 by Alyssa Martin | Mindset, Technique

     My vocal student asked me, “Can we skip singing scales today?” At 9 years old, she is one of my younger and more shy students. However, don't let her age fool you into thinking her parents pushed her into taking lessons. This little being has a plan and a vision. She has a deep desire to express her creativity through singing and performing. In fact, her vision is so specific that it really impressed me.

     In our first lesson, I asked if there was anybody out there doing what she imagined she would like to do... a role model of sorts. Honestly, I expected her to say "Taylor Swift." Instead, she took my iPad and pulled up a video of a girl group performing well-choreographed dancing while singing. The singers were boldly owning their femininity and their talents.  I thought, "Wow, ok... she knows who she is and how she wants to express it!"

The First Step

     Having a specific desire or vision is the first step - ALWAYS.  We need to decide what we want to grow in the garden of our life. Once we do that, we automatically begin to call in what we need to support us - the seeds, the sunlight, the rain. This girl has a clear vision, however, it doesn't mean that reaching her goals is going to be easy.

     For this growth, there are skills she will need to learn, techniques she will need to develop, and obstacles she will need to overcome - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What Is Needed to Grow

     Shyness and stage-fright are common obstacles. Therefore I address these head on... but I do not harp on these issues. Confidence is a mindset that develops over time with a combination of practice and experience. It's my job to help her recognize and build her courage through our work together.

     Shaky or inconsistent vocals are a factor. So she will need to learn singing techniques and to develop a practice strategy geared to her specific goals. That's where vocal scales come in! Scales are hard work and can be embarrassing. They stretch us beyond our comfort zone just a little at a time, building core strength and expanding our ability.

     As a vocal empowerment coach, if I know a shortcut, I’ll share it! For growth, sometimes the only way up is through. What she can be sure of is that I will provide guidance and support that will make it possible for her to be proud of who she is as she steps forward into who she wants to be. In the end, her part is to soak up the sunshine and the rain, and to embrace the lessons that life sends her way.

     My answer to her request...“Skip the scales? That’s like skipping the lesson!” ♫

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Avoiding these Watch-out Words; Guaranteed to Empower Your Voice

Thursday, May 30, 2024 by Alyssa Martin | Mindset

    Welcome to our Vocal Empowerment blog! Here, we're all about the power of words and how they shape our mindset. Ever notice how certain words like "should" and "too" sneakily disempower us? Or how thinking in extremes like "always" and "never" can hold us back? Avoid these word pitfalls and learn to speak and think in ways that boost your confidence! Get ready to own your vocal superpower! 🎤💪 #VocalEmpowerment







I’m too skinny.

You are too loud.

labels place judgment or criticism

consider everyone’s uniqueness, extend understanding

My body is thin right now.

Do you think you could speak softer?


should practice more.

“should” feels like obligation or guilt

“could” gives you the power of choice

I could practice more.

shouldn’t have

shouldn’t have done that.

makes you wrong or bad

decipher what you learned and focus forward

I learned from the experience and I can do something different next time.


You get to a point where it’s frustrating.

“you” projects outward onto others

own your feelings and opinions by using I-statements

I get to a point where I’m feeling frustrated.

always / never / everybody

You never want to go outside.

Everybody is so rude here.

overgeneralizing uses little info to make big assumptions

be specific

When do you like to go outside?

When I said “hi” it seemed they ignored me.

this is the worst

This is a total failure.

“black & white” or “all-or-nothing thinking” can be perfectionism

allow gray areas

I see things that were well done, along with what could be improved.


can’t do it.

might be true… or is it that you “won’t”?

decide what you can do

It's up to me to make it happen if I choose.

it doesn’t count / Yes, but…

I passed the test, but only because it was easy.

disqualifying the positive undermines good attributes and experiences

it’s safe to accept the good about you & others

I passed the test and I feel good about it.

not accepting a compliment

You’re my friend; you have to say that.

devalues other people’s opinions

receive the compliment as a gift and show gratitude

Thank you. I’m taking that into my heart.

I’m sorry for being a burden / I’m fine / It’s fine

I’m sorry for being a burden.

manipulating others with guilt is an unhealthy pattern

bravely and lovingly share your feelings if the other person is open to it

I’m feeling bad that I need to ask for your help again.

habit of apologizing

I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

taking excessive responsibility depletes confidence

pause and reflect on whether apologizing is true to yourself

(if yes) I’m sorry. Thank you for ___. How can I fix it?

In addition to the above, it’s helpful if we can reframe our negative self-talk. Here are some examples:

  • I’m too old. >> I’m going to keep learning more every day I’m alive.
  • I’m so stupid. >> I made an error and I will learn from it and improve.
  • I’m such a basket-case. >> I’m very in touch with my emotions.

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